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Super Heroes

Whether fighting evil on the ground, sea, air, or even outer space, these characters have been immortalized in the pages of many classic coloring books. And not just heroes from DC or Marvel are listed, but also those that originated from toy lines or filmed productions.

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Ultimate Spider-Man  6 0 122
Underdog  0 0 0
Wonder Woman  2 0 3167
X-Men  11 0 32006
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If we don't preserve them, who would?

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2003-2021 Copyright by Retro Reprints. All rights reserved. * Most of the images in the archive have been scanned from existing coloring books, and digitally remastered for archival and educational purposes ONLY. The books represented here may not contain all the images that were initially published, since some may have been removed from the book before I received it. We have tried to restore as many as possible for your enjoyment and for reference.