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What age were you when you fell in love...with coloring books? It doesn't have to be February 14th to celebrate books that make your heart skip a beat. This list includes all the shows you love, forever and ever.

Show Titles Images Comments Impressions
Bubble Guppies  0 0 0
Dave the Barbarian  4 0 6213
Jojo's Circus  1 0 1344
Looney Tunes  72 0 232061
Mickey Mouse and Friends  8 0 5936
PAW Patrol  0 0 0
Peanuts  14 0 17732
Shimmer and Shine  0 0 0
Trolls, Dreamworks  0 0 0
Yogi Bear  9 1 9187
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2003-2019 Copyright by Retro Reprints. All rights reserved. * Most of the images in the archive have been scanned from existing coloring books, and digitally remastered for archival and educational purposes ONLY. The books represented here may not contain all the images that were initially published, since some may have been removed from the book before I received it. We have tried to restore as many as possible for your enjoyment and for reference.