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As every browser is different, and each has their own print settings, in order to maximize the image for printing, consider turning off your Header & Footer under the Page Setup settings, adjusting the scale before printing the image, set margins to none, and if you see a 2nd blank page in print preview just make sure it only prints page 1. Our images are sized for letter size printing, but we've seen many browsers shrinking them down and putting a lot of white space around them. As this is a user side setting, we cannot control it from our side.
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 12/11/2021 10:22:04  Yakko's World  675x890  JPG  114 KB  728

 There are 2 comments
12/11/2021 10:22:04
11/23/2020 14:13:44
I call this a colouring book to sing.      
 There are 2 comments

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